Whois Database

When a domain name is registered, the registrar or registry creates a Whois record for that domain. It contains information on the registrant and the domain such as:

Please keep in mind that registrars/registries do not have a unified format for Whois records.

When registrants have opted for Whois privacy (there are registrars that offer it), owner information is not available. In such cases, you can contact us directly and we will try to help you with a solution!

The information provided by the Whois database is valuable in many ways. For example:

You can find out who is behind the domains you're interested in the Whois database below!

We have built one of the largest domain databases in the world (625+ million domain names) that contains all ccTLDs. That is why we can now offer the option of selling any of the ccTLD databases such as .gr, .be, .ca, etc. If you are interested in a particular conutry code extension, let us know below!

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